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Tracey's Gastric Band Journey - Week 46

The non-scale victories are making an impact on Tracey.
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Tracey is feeling reflective and is starting to noticing the non-scale differences after her weight loss

Day 294-300 post op

Tracey's positive attitude helps her get back on track after the post Christmas blues.

I’ve been thinking about my weight loss recently, as although I’d be happy at 84kg I also feel as though I wouldn’t - how can I feel this way after losing over 5 stone? I’ve decided that I will lose another stone then stop. Why is it so difficult to be happy? I’m almost at a goal I never dreamt I’d reach and now I’m moving the goalposts - this is a difficult decision.  

Still thinking about my goal and will leave it at stone max (I hope). I’ve booked into have surgery end of February as I’m struggling to get my legs smaller (the joys of cellulite and lipodemia) so will be starting another exciting journey in a few weeks.

OMG I took the children to the ball pool/soft play area. It was one we hadn’t been to before so I had to show my son several times the route to take to reach the slide (he’s 3.5 and disabled). So, I’d help him up the first bit then he’d climb through the tunnel and this us the best bit ....... to get him to crawl to the slide I actually stood (Yes stood!) in the slide leaned over and called him - the slide didn’t break, buckle or even creak - I’m SO happy for the first time in forever I didn’t hear it creak under my weight!!

Today I had to go fetch my daughter’s new School tops and whilst looking round the sales, I saw a 14 swimming costume and a s/m beach tunic. I brought them to slim into for my holidays in May.  I know I’m a 14 in clothes but beach stuff is different sizes (still wearing 18 costume that fits). Imagine my utter elation when they both fit - total shock and disbelief but WOW they fit!

I really hope I’m not the only person struggling to get back into normal eating after the Christmas period. I’m trying but I can now eat bread rice and pork. Only thing I can’t eat - very bizarre - is noodles.  Hopefully my fill will sort this out on 15th. 

Still struggling to get back into not picking, although it’s getting better. I’ve resisted cakes that are left and if I want chocolate then I’m choosing a miniature one, not full size bar. So it is getting easier. I’ve started doing my diary again. I hadn’t put any pics in since April last year or wrote in it since October so I started again this week. Hopefully more motivation seeing how far I’ve come and what I’ve achieved rather than thinking about what u need to still achieve.

Dreaded weigh Day. Pleasantly surprised I’ve lost the 2lb I put on last week plus an extra 1 - so 3lb loss this week!

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