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Tracey's Gastric Band Journey - Week 47

Tracey is still feeling positive from last week's loss
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With the portion sizes growing, It's time for another fill for Tracey this week.

Day 300-306 post op

Meeting a fellow band patient helps Tracey come to realise how hard she's worked over the past year.

I'm still surprised at the loss last week! I went out for lunch with kids and my sister who was surprised I was eating so much (still a child’s portion but much more than she’s seen me eat for 11 months).

Had to rearrange my fill for another day this week as my other sister is poorly and couldn’t collect my twins from nursery. Really upset as it’s another day of feeling like I’m over eating (I’m not. I’m still following rules but my portions are bigger). Band adjustment day comes around quickly - whoop whoop! Never have I been so happy at the thought of soup! I had a good long chat with Nurse Sally who was fab as usual and we put back in the amount that was taken out last time so back up to 7mls in 10ml band. I’ve been fine since, just been at home with both hot and cold liquids so I'm looking good. I’ve also booked in for a total defill the day I fly out to have my cosmetic surgery. You can only imagine the shock on my face when Sally advised that they would not do a refill until 4 weeks after op! 4 weeks of eating normal portions. My willpower will need a shot of pro-plus to get it working!!

Met a lovely gentleman in waiting room whilst I was there. We got chatting as you do, and he was telling me how he could still eat anything and as much as he wanted! He had his band 18 months ago. I was listening to him and for a little while was so jealous of the fact that he could eat anything, but I did realise that the band isn’t an easy option and it is a means to an end. My band and I are now a team. GO US. Really hope the gentleman I spoke to today finds his restriction soon.

I gave up on liquids Thursday night as was bloody starving had a medium size jacket potato and seafood sandwich filler from supermarket. I didn’t expect to be able to eat much but low and behold I ate the full jacket and full tub of sandwich filler and could have eaten more - so confused. It’s like I haven’t had last fill. It’s now 7.30pm and I’ve come to bed so I don’t eat anything else. Not a good feeling.

Didn’t sleep well at all think it was because I was hungry. Need to eat plenty today without picking. On a plus side I lost 1lb this week!

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