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Tracey's Gastric Band Journey - Week 48

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Feeling under the weather results in snacking and picking between meals. A non-scale victory picks up the mood again!

Day 307-313 post op

Tracey jumps for joy as she manages to get into a size 12!

Weekend in Stonehenge for my sons 7th Birthday sensible eating choices lots of walking so all good. Really feels like I haven’t had a fill at all still constantly hungry only good thing is I’m not picking like I was before my last fill.  

Really dreading next few months. Will be having total defill, 2/3 months with an empty band and although my will Power is doing its best I’m not sure I can sustain this weight. So negative nelly has been around last couple days but I’ve kicked her to the kerb and decided to go out shopping (but not buying lol) got into a size 12 yes A TWELVE jeggins in Next I don’t frigging believe it - bit tight and a bit of muffin top (or cupcake as my sister calls it)  this time last year I had a muffin top and squeezed into a size  20 so Whipee go me 

Been really poorly (man flu) for few days so not eaten or done much. So hungry! I’m so so hungry and not being well hasn’t helped but omg I’m eating so much. Luckily, I’m not picking but it doesn’t seem like I had a fill last week at all. Lost 1lb this week so still going in right direction.

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