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Tracey's Gastric Band Journey - Week 49

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The positive outcomes continue to appear for Tracey with victories both on, and off, the scale.

Day 307-313 post op

It's a great week filled with treats and victories!

So this week I’ve decided it’s about time I started looking after myself. I spend so much time running about after other people I’m too exhausted to look after myself. So I went to boots and brought some new makeup, face and eye masks and went for a coffee without rushing and feeling guilty. A whole afternoon thinking about nothing but me - it was lovely! Although it felt strange not buying clothes! I’m refusing to buy anything that isn’t necessary as I’m not getting any wear out of them.

Basic Makaton Course today was very interesting although we have been using lots of the signs at home for a while. The lady running the course used to visit my son a couple of years ago and didn’t recognise me at first which was very surreal! I didn’t and don’t think I’ve changed that much (must be the new makeup lol).

I’m not sure where exactly this week has disappeared too. I can’t believe it’s Friday already. I’ve had a majorly busy week with makaton course, looking after Stark the puppy and trying to get organised for my surgery as it’s now only a few weeks away now. I can’t believe 12 months ago I was in a similar place but getting ready to start the pre-op diet and preparing myself for the surgery to have the band fitted. I can honestly say I NEVER EVER in a million years expected to be where I am now 12 months ago. I’m enjoying life eating a varied and enjoyable diet and going off to have plastic surgery on my legs which have been a problem most of my adult life.

Oh and another positive - looks like I’ve lost 3lb this week and I’m now in 12 stone bracket !! YAY! Another 3lb and I’ve lost 6 stone!

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