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Tracey's Gastric Band Journey - Week 5

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Realisation sets in and the hard work begins. Success comes in small steps for Tracey as she adapts to the new lifestyle.

Day Twenty Four Post Op

Wales anyone?

Decided to go to Wales for the weekend with the children. It will be interesting to see how I go on with food/booze but I will monitor it. 

Day Twenty Six Post Op

Countdown is one of Tracey's struggles, and she's not on about the Channel 4 programme.

What a long weekend with lots of food, wine and walking. I didn't overeat but noticed I ate more today than yesterday and I wasn't as full today. Not sure if it's all the walking or the band has started to relax now that it's been a few weeks. I hope it's the walking as my fill isn't for another 7 days and I know I will have put weight on this week with the wine consumed.

I'm still finding it difficult to wait 30 seconds between each mouthful but I will keep trying. 15 seconds is about average for me (I do wait for the egg timer to finish but I have noticed I'm ready for another mouthful half-way through the timer). I'm hoping it becomes second nature to wait 30 seconds soon.

Day Twenty Seven Post Op

Was the gastric band the right choice for Tracey? It isn't there as a quick fix, diet change is also a part of it. How does Tracey feel about this?

Sat and had a long think today. I've taken a HUGE step having this band. My whole life has changed, so it's definitely not a quick fix and I'm worried about my decision and how it will affect my life in general. I have a hectic life with the children and I'm used to grabbing a sandwich. Now I have to sit and eat. It's really really hard to stop and eat.

Oh and the wind. I constantly get wind every time I eat regardless of what it is.

I keep telling myself it's worth it but I'm not seeing any weight loss other than when I was on liquids. I can't live on liquids alone. However I have lost an extra 1lb.

Day Twenty Eight Post Op

What does the dietitian advise?

Today is the first day I haven't done my 8,000 steps which is the target I gave myself. I've done same amount of walking or thought I had. 

Has a telephone call with dietitian tonight. It was interesting and I learned I really need to master waiting for 1 minute between mouthfuls.

Day Twenty Nine Post Op

When a three year old eats more than Tracey. 

I didn't fancy breakfast today so I had a coffee. Lunch however was lovely. I enjoyed vegetables, new potatoes and a ham hock. It surprised me at how little I ate, even my 3 year old had more to eat than me.

Day Thirty Post Op 

Is Tracey setting herself up to fail?

Feeling bloated and sluggish today. My jeans are tight and I'm exhausted. I'm not sure if it's just going back onto food or just simply exhausted in general. I can't wait for the fill on Monday as I've been hungry today so I've eaten more, not massive meals but more than three of them.

OMG what if I've eaten too much and made my band slip!!!!! This is more stressful than the worry about my liver not shrinking enough for the operation. I'm setting myself up to fail already.

Day Thirty One Post Op

No more wine or Doritos for Tracey!

Pity party for Tracey is now over. I'm feeling positive today, have a stiff feeling, bloated but not hungry. I had just a soup for lunch and I didn't have any breakfast. Hopefully I can eat a jacket potato I've got prepared for dinner.

So no more wine or Doritos (they were my guests at the pity party last night). I've changed my weigh in day from Monday to Friday so I can do all my photos/information at same time. Next week I'm measuring myself so it will be interesting to see if I've lost any inches since the operation. The jeans I'm wearing (in picture above) I haven't been able to wear for about 6 months so although they are a bit snug at least I can fasten them.


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