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Tracey's Gastric Band Journey - Week 6

It's first fill day - a worrying prospect for many needle-phobics. As the portions get smaller, Tracey tots up her losses so far.


Day Thirty Two Post Op

Understanding whether you're hungry.

So I've noticed that I'm picking at food between 3pm and 6pm, after speaking to the dietician on Wednesday. I've been more aware of it and I'm finding that I'm not hungry in a morning but I do start to get hungry around 11am. I'm only eating small meals and they are satisfying me but I'm hungry every 2.5/3 hours.

Day Thirty Third Post Op

Nervousness grows as Tracey has her first fill since the operation.

Didn't sleep well last night. I woke up feeling sick and nervous as it's my first fill day today. I've chatted to a few people who have already had fills and no-one said anything negative so I know it will be okay but it's still scary. The children were being a handful this morning but it still didn't distract me.

I'm not looking forward to going back to liquids for a few days. The fill wasn't too bad at all. I just felt a scratch when the needle went in, and then a strange feeling when the saline was injected, so overall it was a good experience.

Day Thirty Four Post Op

Tracey struggles with the shake diet once more.

Food how I miss you. I enjoyed having soup again but OMG I'm so hungry. Only one more day on liquids and then I can have my mush, sorry, I mean puréed food. This is nearly as difficult as the pre-op diet, I'm only managing as it's only three days so it is more manageable (just). My poor children have been fed, bathed and put to bed half an hour before usual so I could keep myself busy and take my mind off my hunger.

Day Thirty Five Post Op

Tracey battles the band's symptoms - bad breath. Bad breath can happen if the patient is dehydrated, if food is taking a bit longer to leave the pouch, and the most common reason tends to be down to ketosis. 

Really think the band should come with a bad-breath warning! The taste in my mouth is awful so god knows what it smells like, and yes I am drinking enough water. What with that and excess wind it's no surprise I don't get many visitors...


Day Thirty Six Post Op

Tracey struggles to deal with her emotional eating.

I can't believe my baby is going on his first boys' holiday (okay so it may be an educational trip but eighteen, 17-year-olds are so stressful). I can't believe I've got to pack for him and pretend I'm happy. Out comes the wine and erm food maybe :( 

Day Thirty Seven Post Op

Tracey is eating smaller portion sizes and had lost some weight.

Food last night wasn't too bad at all. I had wedges with cheese and BBQ sauce (good old comfort food) and a couple of prawns with rice. Much much smaller portions than usual oh and two chocolates (dairy milk Heroes) which my son brought me on February 14th and I only opened last night.

So today is measurement day and I've stayed the same on my arms, I've lost 1.5" on my thigh, 2.5" off my waist but I've put 2" on my chest. I've also lost 2lbs this week :)

Total losses since starting pre-op diet on 14th February 

Arm - 1.5"
Thigh - 4"
Waist - 3"
Bust - 1"
Weight - 1st 7lb

All going in right direction even if a little slower than I expected.


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