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Tracey's Gastric Band Journey - Week 7

Tracey does her best train impression this week as her mantra becomes "Chew chew chew" and the non-scale victories keep on coming.


Day Thirty Eight Post Op

Tracey finds herself in terrible pain after she forgets an important must-do.

I've been in agony, sheer agony. I'm not sure if I didn't chew properly or whether I ate the wrong foods but I've been throwing up all night and day, and I can't even keep water down. I called the emergency number as it became so severe. They said I need to go in tomorrow so to call the office at 9am. She was nice and helpful. In the meantime, I've got to try to keep liquids down    

Day Thirty Nine Post Op

Tracey finds herself in terrible pain after she forgets an important must-do.

I've had very little sleep but the blockage has gone, thank god. After the last 24 hours if you only take one thing away from reading my blog please let it be "CHEW CHEW CHEW".

The emergency nurse and nurse Sally were wonderful at keeping me calm and nurse Sally went above and beyond to squeeze me into the clinic today. Although I don't need to go it's always good to know there is someone there if you need them. I'm so so glad I chose Healthier Weight! Okay, enough of the mushy stuff.

Day Forty Post Op

Tracey follows her instructions to the letter.

Food became dislodged during the night so I was able to sip and keep water down. I spoke to nurse Sally who said to be careful and any problems to phone and she would arrange to see me to sort me out. 

I've been very very careful today absolutely terrified about getting food stuck. Kept to advice 

  1. Soft mushy food (another 2 days) 
  2. Chew chew chew 
  3. Leave 30/60 seconds between mouthfuls
  4. Don't leave too long between meals 

Not sure how I'm feeling though. On one hand I'm proud of myself for getting everything right today but totally gutted after Saturday/Sundays' epic fail.

Day Forty One Post Op

Tracey's feeling motivated.

I'm finding I'm eating four meals a day but thought that was better than snacking. I feel more motivated about chewing haha. I certainly think I need another fill as soon as possible, just to get down to three small meals.  My portions aren't as large as before the band but are bigger than before the fill so in my head I'm eating loads. The scales however, will be my judge on Friday.


Day Forty Two Post Op

Tracey's feeling motivated.

Chew chew chew that's all I keep thinking.

Non-scale-victory (NSV) - Went into McDonald's with the eldest son today and it's the first time in my history I didn't order myself anything and more importantly didn't want anything. Previously I would have had a cheeseburger just because I was in there. Go me! :) :)

Off to Kent to visit family so it will be interesting on food. It's manic busy when we are down South and so we usually end up with a takeaway.

Day Forty Three Post Op

It's slipping again.

It was a long and tiring journey. I did have a Mcdonalds at the motorway services. I had a wrap meal with a coffee. I ate the wrap and probably 3/4 of the fries and I was full. I didn't drink my coffee as I was trying to wait 20 minutes after the meal.

Nachos for dinner which although it's not healthy, it is better than the pizza or chicken ribs and chips I usually have, so although it's not ideal I'm happy with the choices.


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