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Tracey's Gastric Band Journey - Week 8

Moving from liquids to food after adjustment yields mixed emotions as Tracey looks forward to a bit of pampering at a Healthier Weight photo shoot next week.

Day Forty Four Post Op

Still visiting Family in Kent, Tracey has a fairly healthy day

Long day. Had lovely dinner. Chicken casserole roast pots and veg plus a cheeky slice of cheesecake but had lovely long walk to the park after dinner so more walking than normal.

Still not weighed myself as forgot to bring my scales with me so I'm dreading the damage I will be doing to my weight loss this weekend. Still chewing like mad and no one noticed I was eating less but that's good as didn't have to answer a lot of questions.       


Day Forty Five Post Op

Returning from her weekend away with a positive surprise, no weight gain!

What a weekend lots of booze and wrong foods given my head a wobble and determined to loose a few pounds this week.

On the plus side I haven't gained any weight so had a lucky escape.


Day Forty Six Post Op

The school holidays are getting to Tracey so she turns to a naughty treat for comfort

I HATE school holidays kids driving me mad fighting and arguing cue salted caramel chocolate brownie. Bloody lovely but feel sick as a dog after eating it. 

Received a phone call from Emma at HW which actually helped me focus a bit more and she sent me a 1200 calorie meal planner so going to read through it tonight and see what different things I can have in coming week     


Day Forty Seven Post Op

Tracey tries to remember the 20, 20, 20 rule

So hungry today. Eating slowly, chewing, waiting 20 mins, drinking plenty but hungry. Not head hungry, food hungry.      


Day Forty Eight Post Op

Tracey is at a low point today and considering her choices

What's the point? I'm hungry and fat could be fat and full  :(    


Day Forty Nine Post Op

Today is full of positivity. A photo shoot, second adjustment and motivation!

I can eat bread and rice no problem. I love rice so glad about that but bread is my nemesis. 

Exciting times photo shoot next week getting hair and make up done be a nice treat 

Another plus is my 2nd fill has been brought forward as HW had a cancellation yay so I don't have to worry about 2 days on mush on my holiday 

Ordered a diet/exercise journal and going to fill it in each day to monitor my eating habits. Think I will pop to shop and get a few of my pics printed off too as I can't see any loss I can feel it in my clothes but think it would be a nice thing to look back on in the future and also give me the motivation I need when I'm having bad days   Weigh day tomorrow really hoping for 3lb loss but doubt that will happen      


Day Fifty Post Op

After finding out that she gained 1lb, it's difficult for Tracey to stay positive today. 

Well I gained 1lb this week nothing more to say other than totally devastated. I understood I would gain weight when moved from liquids to food but really upset about this. Food has been ok looks like the cheeky glass of wine I've been having has got to stop. Will get today over with and hopefully my journal will be here tomorrow so I can start the food diary. Roll on Friday for my second fill


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