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Tracey's Gastric Band Journey - Week 9

Some new clothes in new sizes shows there's light at the end of the tunnel for Tracey this week. The second band adjustment brings some nerves.

Day Fifty One Post Op

Tracey sees a hormonal change today and is feeling a bit lost

Not sure what's going on I'm very hormonal, irritable and haven't stopped crying all day it's not PMT just feel so lost and unhappy      


Day Fifty Two Post Op

Tracey tries to get over the fear of trying on her new trousers!

Breakfast eaten just need to remember to write in my journal.

Brought a new pair of trousers in the next size down. They are still sat in bag as I really don't want them not to fit. Maybe later today. Spent the whole day sorting out the children's old clothes anything to take my mind off food. Still not tried my trousers on.

Hot shower hot chocolate and early night I think!


Day Fifty Three Post Op

Finally over the fear, Tracey's gone down a size!

WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP went shopping today to get tops for photo shoot I've gone down a size in trousers and two sizes in a maxi skirt (might be elastic waist but who cares) 

Given me the boost I needed to move on   

Day Fifty Four Post Op

Positive vibes for Tracey today as she finally realises her achievements

After yesterday's shopping trip I finally see a light at the end of this long tunnel. I even had the thought that maybe (one day) my big pants can do a one way trip to binville and things and pretty pants can move back home - oh the small things. 

Rushed morning and missed breakfast so stopped in Starbucks for coffee had coffee and their spicy chorizo with potatoe and poached egg. Normally I would have had this with a muffin and large latte but it's filled me and it tasted so good (feel quiet naughty but it was lovely)   


Day Fifty Five Post Op 

After a great few days, Tracey takes a turn for the worse..

What a shit day everything has hit the fan and no amount of looking at my new clothes stopped me opening the wine and ordering a Chinese. Really thought I'd gone past this but it is a HUGE step backwards for me.

Day Fifty Six Post Op

Tracey is still feeling a little lost today and didn't make the healthiest choices

Still fed up so decided to wear new clothes I brought WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY no one even noticed the weight I had lost.  Went to have a waffle today normally I manage a whole one with lots of toppings today I had a plain one and ate just over a quarter was lovely but very very stodgy   

Day Fifty Seven Post Op

It's Tracey's second fill today and she's a little nervous

Stayed the same again today definitely need my second fill. 

I know there is nothing to the fill but I'm really nervous to the point I've been sick this morning I could understand if I didn't know what to expect but really? There is nothing to a fill what is wrong with me


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