Gastric Band – Warranty

When you have your band with Healthier Weight you have peace of mind that if you are unlucky enough to experience a complication, you’re protected. Under this warranty we meet the cost of corrective surgery when you experience a recognised band complication. No quibble!

Our incidence rate for band complications is low compared to other centres. Nonetheless risk cannot be eradicated altogether. A patient may be unlucky enough to experience a complication, as examples a leak from the band or an infection, and it would be neither your fault or ours. In these situations the warranty provides for a corrective procedure to treat the problem.  

How long does the warranty last?

Our standard gastric band package includes a 2 year warranty from the date of your procedure. You also have the option to extend that warranty, at an additional cost, to 5 years.

Warranty is not available when you finance your procedure through Chrysalis finance.

Which gastric band complications are covered?

The warranty covers the common complications associated with gastric band surgery. In the table below, we have listed each of these together with details on how it is diagnosed, and the treatment provided.


ComplicationMethod of diagnosisRevision treatment provided
Band slippageX-Ray/clinical historyBand repositioning, replacement or removal depending on nature of slippage
Band erosionX-Ray/EndoscopyBand removal
Band leakageX-Ray adjustment/clinical historyAccess port/Band replacement depending on location of leak
Inaccessible portX-RayAccess port repositioning
Access port infectionClinical examination/laboratory testsPort removal and subsequent replacement

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