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We believe the gastric band is the best weight loss surgery option for most people we speak to. We’re passionate about the band and helping people turn their weight loss dreams into reality with it. In fact, we have done more bands than any other specialist provider operating in the UK today, with a combined experience of over 15,000 patients.

At St Joseph’s Hospital in Newport we offer free consultations with bariatric specialist surgeon Mr Michael Nutt and those that go ahead with a procedure at St Joseph’s can expect a 5 star service at this accredited Centre of Excellence in South Wales.

Before and after of gastric band patient Lisa

How does a gastric band work?

Before and after of gastric band patient David

Weight loss

Your weight loss with a gastric band will be a little slower than with the sleeve or bypass, and the total weight loss may be a little lower, but this is compensated for by a number of benefits the other two do not offer. Your band procedure is reversible, it can be done as a day case, any complications are generally easier to manage and it’s cheaper.

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Before and after of gastric band patient Frank

Frank – Gastric band

I got to the point where I would stop looking at the size of clothes, but then one day I woke up and went to get out of bed but couldn’t. I was stuck and had to roll off the bed. I walked across and stopped in front of the mirror for the first time in years and I thought to myself, what’s happened?

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Before and after of gastric band patient Carole

Carole – Gastric Band

It has made all the difference to me. I don’t have sleep apnoea anymore and my blood pressure problems have gone so I do not have to take tablets for that any more.*

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Before and after of gastric band patient Ann

Ann – Gastric band

“I feel fantastic! I’ve still a bit to go but I don’t walk into a shop and feel that others are thinking there’s nothing in here to fit her”*

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