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The Gastric Bypass

The gastric bypass is a long established weight loss procedure. Over 30 years it has proven to be safe and effective, delivering both excellent weight loss outcomes and significant health benefits. In fact for people experiencing health problems associated with their weight, the bypass is generally the best procedure available.

Before and after of gastric bypass patient Georgina
Before and after of gastric bypass patient Wendy

Weight Loss

We have been doing gastric bypass for over 15 years and our team has experience of over 5,000 procedures.

Patients can expect to lose about 70% of their excess weight within 2 years of surgery and those with health problems such as type 2 diabetes, sleep apnoea or reflux disease can expect an immediate improvement in their condition. Often, medication can be stopped immediately.

How the Bypass Works

Here’s a short video about the gastric bypass and how it works. In addition to covering the traditional Roux en Y gastric bypass, we also provide information about the Mini (or ‘loop’) bypass which is an alternative that is growing in popularity. As with all your surgery options there are pros and cons for each and we’ll explain those to you here and, hopefully, when we meet you in clinic for consultation.

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