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Gastric bypass surgical warranty

Peace of mind

Our surgical warranty covers the costs of returning to theatre if you experience a complication prior to being discharged

The majority of patients will have no need for their surgical warranty but it gives important peace of mind for everyone. Surgery can never be undertaken without some degree of risk so it’s important to plan for that eventuality should you be unlucky enough to experience a complication. Our surgical warranty ensures you know what will happen in these circumstances.

You have read already about the complications of gastric sleeve/gastric bypass. 

With our warranty, when you experience a complication during your hospital stay that requires you to return to theatre and/or stay for an additional period we will meet the additional costs. This is important because those additional costs can be very substantial even for a period of just a few days.

In the case of the bypass, we have seen patients where there has been a blockage through the stomach that needed a return to theatre and again, we met the cost of the additional surgery and extended stay.

In the case of the sleeve procedure, we have had patients where there has been an early leak and the patient was taken back to theatre for the leak to be ‘oversewn’ with the patient staying an extra few nights in a hospital. 

Unlike other providers, Healthier weight insists on a 2 night stay in a hospital after sleeve and bypass surgery. In this way, we have a longer period and more opportunity to identify complications as and when they first occur. It also means that we are able to treat most of those complications before you are discharged.


There are occasions when patients experience complications that the operating surgeon considers will be better treated in the nearest NHS bariatric unit. This decision will be taken on the grounds of patient safety and will rest with the operating surgeon and, where applicable, Healthier Weight’s Medical Director. The decision will rest with them alone.

In these circumstances the operating surgeon will arrange for your transfer to the appropriate NHS facility.

In circumstances where you experience a complication after your discharge from hospital, we will always direct you to the nearest NHS hospital with a bariatric (weight loss surgery) team. In most cases, your operating surgeon will be a member of that NHS team. This is the only way it is possible to be certain that the necessary physical and human resources needed to treat your complication are available 24/7.

In these situations you will be treated in the NHS facility until you are ready to be discharged home.

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*Weight loss surgery results and benefits vary and are different for each individual. As such, Healthier Weight cannot guarantee specific weight loss goals.