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What is a mini gastric bypass?

The mini gastric bypass is an attractive alternative to the traditional Roux-en-Y gastric bypass. In fact, if you are considering a bypass or gastric sleeve then it’s worth considering the mini bypass too. On this page, you’ll find all you need to know about the ‘mini’, but the three key features are:

  • It offers similar weight loss and health benefits to the Roux and the sleeve.
  • It’s the simpler and quicker of the two bypass procedures.
  • The way the procedure is done means that the risk of an internal hernia does not apply.

The mini bypass is now established in the NHS and we expect ‘mini’ numbers to increase rapidly. It offers a number of benefits over the traditional ‘roux-en-y’ gastric bypass, some of which are significant. Here are the benefits:

  • Weight loss outcomes are marginally better with the mini than the roux-en-y
  • The bowel is not cut through and re-attached to the stomach, and there is only one anastomosis (join between the stomach and bowel). Less cutting means less risk and a faster recovery
  • The mini is a quicker procedure
  • The risk of an internal hernia (the most worrisome risk for bypass patients, reduces to near zero with the mini)
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How the mini bypass works

As with the standard Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, the mini gastric bypass works both by restricting the amount of food that can be eaten at any one time, and by altering gut hormones involved in appetite control. Mini gastric bypass (MGB) as we know it today was developed by Dr Robert Rutledge in 1997. Since then tens of thousands of procedures have been done and MGB is growing in popularity in many countries around the world. For many patients it provides a quicker and more effective alternative to the traditional bypass. Most patients considering gastric sleeve should also consider MGB too.

  • Patients appear to experience a little more nutritional deficiency in the very long term. That said, we think new surgical techniques, with a shorter limb of 150cm, largely overcome this. 
  • Early studies showed an increase in acid reflux. The later publications don’t show this, and… 
  • There is relatively little data when compared to the Roux.  Set against the benefits these disadvantages seem very modest. 

Mini gastric bypass cost and finance

The fixed price of your Mini gastric bypass will vary depending on several factors including your location, your surgeon and any special treatment requirements identified at your consultation. For example, do we need to schedule a night in the high-dependency unit for you (this would only apply to patients with significant weight-related health issues).

Compared to other procedures

The main difference between the standard Roux-en-Y gastric bypass procedure and the mini gastric bypass can be seen by comparing the two diagrams. You can see that in the case of the mini bypass, there is only one anastomosis (join between stomach and bowel), whereas in the standard Roux-en-Y bypass, there are two; an upper and lower. Because of this, the mini gastric bypass can be done in less time than Roux-en-Y.

Amymay’s Transformation

Lost 12 Stone

“Weight Loss Surgery Is Just The Beginning. Healthier Weight Are With You For The Journey”                

Andi’s Transformation

Lost 11.3 Stone

“Three words that I’d use to describe myself now are disciplined, motivated and optimistic!”   

The importance of great aftercare is often underestimated when it comes to gastric bypass. Most patients enjoy excellent weight loss in the first year or two but some weight regain is quite common after a few years. This can be reduced by adopting the correct dietary and exercise habits in the first couple of years after surgery. 

Healthier Weight gastric bypass patients benefit from 5 years post-operative care including medical monitoring via regular follow-ups with our specialist bariatric nurses and surgeon reviews if required

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We access the abdomen laparoscopically (keyhole surgery), cut the stomach along its length, and remove about 80%

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