Gastric bypass success stories

We’ve helped thousands of people just like you to lose weight with a gastric bypass and many are happy to share their before and after photos, and weight loss results. Here are just a few of their stories. When you read them, you may find that you share certain feelings or frustrations or you’ve experienced similar life events. Many patients talk about a ‘trigger’ moment or event when they realised it was time to do something about their weight and that they couldn’t do it on their own. If this is true for you, take inspiration from their success and take the next step on your own weight loss journey.

Michelle reversed type 2 diabetes after weight loss surgery

Michelle – Gastric bypass

10 months post surgery my HBA1C, which was 58 (over 42 is considered diabetic) is now 31 and has been for 7 months, which means my diabetes is in remission and if it stays that way for 12 months, it will be in full remission.

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Before and after of gastric bypass patient John

John – Gastric bypass

You have to reach a point and think “Right, that’s enough”. When you do that you realise that it’s not worth spending money on a new car or holiday but on weight loss surgery*. You can buy so much more- another 10 years of life.*

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Before and after of gastric bypass patient Claire

Claire W – Gastric bypass

I had months of consultations with specialists, weighing up the risks of invasive surgery against the likelihood of staying obese and unhappy. Having waited a year for NHS funding, I decided to go private.

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Before and after of gastric bypass patient Duncan

Duncan – Gastric bypass

I have now returned to my rugby training and feel it is possible to once again play. This could only be achieved through having the obesity surgery and losing the weight.*

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Before and after of gastric bypass patient Carol

Carol’s – Gastric bypass

My last port of call was Healthier Weight, and I researched the company and their surgeons, and eventually made the appointment to see Dr Ashton. He was the only one who did not try to “sell” me anything, and we sat and we talked at length with no hurry and no rush.

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