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Could you be our next sleeve blogger?

Hali weight loss journey

We’ve got an exciting offer for you! Are you still thinking of a gastric sleeve procedure? You may be able to earn back half your procedure fee.

Our new patients love to see real success stories to help them understand what life is like after surgery. For most people, this is the big unknown and can be unsettling. We are offering 2 eligible sleeve patients a unique ‘case study’ gastric sleeve package that will allow them to earn back up to half their procedure fee by blogging about their weight loss journey for 12 months.   

What’s involved? 

If you are one of the lucky ones you will be paid back £400 per month for providing the materials required. The maximum return for providing all materials is £4,800 (12 x £400). You will then be invited to a photoshoot at the end of your journey for which you will be paid an additional £200. Total: £5,000.


Please note that all the procedures and appointments are held in our Birmingham clinic

You would need to agree to:

  • Provide a pre-op video blog and written blog with photos
  • Provide a weekly video blog and written blog for the first month after your procedure + full body photos
  • Provide 1 x written and 1 x video blog per month for months 2-12
  • Provide weekly full body photos for months 2-12   
  • Share your story in your social media channels (blog, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter)
  • Attend pre and post op consultations and/or meetings in Birmingham


Would you like to apply? 

To be eligible, you would need to:

  • Be able to easily attend our Birmingham clinics for the procedure and any follow ups required
  • Have a BMI of 35 or over


Please complete the application form. Good luck! 

The closing date for applications is Friday 31 August 2018.

Terms and conditions. We only have a limited number of these packages available and will select the patients based on location, health assessment and ability to deliver the feedback and social media activity we wish. We are expecting to have a greater number of applicants than we have spaces and the company’s decision on who is selected will be final. We will share the names of those selected to all who have applied upon request. In the event you are not selected for this package and will go ahead with your procedure you will be invited to attend our annual photo shoot. We would make a contribution towards your travel expenses to attend and provide a full set of prints of the pictures taken.


Applications are now closed

Previous gastric sleeve case studies


"I think I’ve had about 3 of my friends have surgery since I had mine done because they saw such amazing results"

After a wake up call from the doctor, Hali lost 11 stones with her gastric sleeve. 

ursula case study.jpg
"I’m getting married at Christmas in a dress I could only have dreamed of wearing before. I owe my life to Healthier Weight."

Ursula lost 7 stones after having a gastric sleeve and celebrated her dream wedding in 2017.

angela case study.jpg

"I can walk quicker than my husband now... My stamina has got better, I can do a lot more for a lot longer, so a lot of changes."

Angela lost and maintained a weight loss of 16 stones with her gastric sleeve.

nia case study.jpg

"They listened to me, they supported me and I’m so glad I decided to take the steps to change my life with them."  

After Nia lost 7 stones she had the baby she had always longed for.

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