Gastric Sleeve Benefits

The gastric sleeve is the fastest growing weight loss surgery procedure in the world because it delivers excellent weight loss results and improvements to health. The knock on effect of both is that it also helps patients achieve an improved quality of life.

Here are the benefits you can expect from your sleeve surgery. These are taken from respected scientific journals and the relevant publications are shown in our gastric sleeve – scientific references’ section. 

Weight Loss With the Sleeve

The primary reason most patients choose gastric sleeve is to lose weight. It’s a very powerful procedure and most studies show average (mean) excess weight loss of 60-70%* over a 2 year period. Some studies show even better weight loss results but we think this is a reasonable expectation. One of the attractions is that the weight is usually lost as quickly, as the procedure reduces and changes appetite. You’ll see in our patient success stories section that people achieve spectacular results with the sleeve.

Of course, to maintain the weight loss for the long term it’s important to make changes to your diet and exercise habits so that you can maintain your weight loss in later years should the ‘power’ of your sleeve begin to diminish.

Health Benefits of the Sleeve

The sleeve is an excellent procedure for diabetics and 80% of patients can expect a complete resolution of their symptoms

85-90% of patients who are taking medication to reduce their blood pressure can expect top stop medication altogether.

Patients see improved sleep patterns and reduced fatigue. Over 85% of patients who use a CPAP machine will be able to stop.

A very important consideration for some sleeve patients is that they want to lose weight to start or grow their family. Over 90% of sleeve patients improve their underlying hormonal well-being and restore fertility.

An important consideration for many patients is that their weight is being to impact on their mobility and is causing joint pain. The sleeve can help this by reducing the load that joints are bearing. Studies show that patients report increased mobility after sleeve surgery.

This is a very important benefit of the gastric sleeve. Often, patients have been dealing with mental health issues associated with their weight for many years. Studies show that sleeve patients report a reduction in anxiety and depressive symptoms. They also report a significant improvement in overall quality of life.

We pay great attention to mental health in our pre-operative assessment process. There is evidence to show that suicide among weight loss surgery patients is higher than in the general population. This is a complex area and there will be many possible reasons for this. One is that some patients have developed a ‘dependency’ on food and when that is removed it will transfer elsewhere sometimes to alcohol or drugs. Our pre-operative screening process is designed to ensure long-term mental well-being for our weight loss surgery patients. Our programme was developed by Dr Claire Parkes, Psychologist.

There are other health benefits, for example in respect of Asthma and liver disease but we have not listed all of them here. If there is a health problem we have not listed that you wish to enquire about, please call us and we’ll be happy to discuss it with you.

Reference: Surg Obes Relat Dis. 2011 Nov-Dec;7(6):749-59. doi: 10.1016/j.soard.2011.07.017. Epub 2011 Aug 10. Third International Summit: Current status of sleeve gastrectomy

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