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Gastric sleeve blog: Week 1

So I had the op last Saturday and the operation itself went well but unfortunately due to my sleep apnoea, my breathing rate was too low once I came around from the anaesthetic. My consultant informed me that he was unable to give me any pain medication that could make me drowsy and reduce my respiration rate further so I could only have liquid paracetamol at a small dose. This meant I was in an abnormal amount of pain when I returned from theatre and had to stay immobile longer than if I could have been given pain relief.

The nurses and doctors were absolutely brilliant, I had full on one to one care and they did everything they could to keep me smiling, despite how bad I felt. On day 3 I could just manage a few steps with help and so was allowed to go home as long as my partner stayed with me 24/7 for the following 3 days until my mobility improved.

I found the first couple of days at home quite emotional, my thoughts flipped between regret at having the op due to the pain... and excitement at what it meant for the future. I found I could only manage a few sips of tea here and there to start with.

After the first initial 3 or 4 days of slow recovery, I started to come on in leaps and bounds. By Wednesday I had managed stairs and started having soups and shakes and by Thursday I felt well enough to be left alone whilst my husband returned to work.

On Friday I managed to get dressed properly for the first time and even went for a short walk to get some fresh air. Today is Saturday, exactly a week from the operation and I have no pain at all in my tummy and just a slight soreness when I get up.

I bought a Weight to Go post op food hamper of shakes, soups and porridge for this stage of my liquid diet. I am honestly amazed at how nice they taste, the soups are nicer than any you get out of a tin, my personal favourite is the parsnip. It’s a very strange feeling being full after a few mouthfuls of soup. I keep expecting to get really hungry but so far I’ve had nothing but the odd strange gurgling noise!

The highlight of my week was standing on the scales this morning and seeing I was now 19st 7lbs! That’s 8lb lost in a week!* Considering I barely got out of bed for half of it I am absolutely over the moon! It’s a great feeling knowing that I will NEVER see 20 stone on my scale again!

Hayley's gastric sleeve blog week 1

Starting weight: 20st 1lb

Current weight: 19st 7lbs

Weight loss this week: 8lbs

Total loss to date: 8lbs*

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