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My gastric sleeve story: Week 10

I have lost another 1lb this week. I kind of expected to stay the same or even gain a pound as I ate half an Easter egg one evening and I have eaten out 5 times due to friend’s birthdays, a family get together, a work lunch and for my Grandmothers birthday. On a couple of occasions I ordered a side dish which was just the right size, but at an Italian restaurant there was no vegetarian side dishes that I liked so I ordered a main pasta dish. I only managed a few mouthfuls and for the first time since the op the waiter asked me if I hadn’t enjoyed my meal as I hadn’t eaten it.  I felt too embraced to explain about my surgery so I just muttered that I wasn’t hungry. 

I had a call at the weekend from a dietician at healthier weight and I agreed to send a weekly food diary via email and she is going to analyse it and help me come up with new ideas for meals, I really struggle with work lunches, the facilities aren’t great at the office, we have a kettle and a microwave so I need to think of some easy packed lunches or pre-prepare meals at the weekend that I can heat up at work. 

I have also had a follow up calls and emails from the nurses at healthier weight and I am so pleased with the aftercare I have received, I have at least 4 peoples contact details should I have a question and everybody is so easy to talk to and eager to help. I have read online stories of people who went abroad to have surgery and or even had surgery at supposedly well-known clinics in London and they are complaining that once they are discharged from hospital they are on their own, I am very pleased I went with healthier weight, the team are fab.


Starting weight: 20st 1lb

Current weight: 18st 3lbs

Weight loss this week: 1lb

Total loss to date: 1st 12lbs*

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