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My gastric sleeve story: Week 11

I have lost 2lb this week, I was thinking it might be more as I have had at least 3 or 4 days where I have only eaten once in the day due to being so busy at work but that loss might show up next week. I have found that I am often forgetting to eat. I know the sleeve removes part of the stomach that reduces hunger hormones, but up until this week I have still felt hungry if I don’t eat regularly. However this week I have been going for hours without a meal and not even noticing, so I wonder if it takes a while for the ghrelin to leave the system or stop producing as much. I’m not complaining, I would be happy if this continues!

I had my farrier out recently to do my horses and he has said that my riding horse could easily carry 17.5 stone comfortably. (He is a large gypsy vanner cob) I haven’t ridden him for almost a year due to my weight gain so this really made my day and gave me something to aim for. I have ridden and kept horses all my life and it is one of the things that got me really down about putting on so much weight. I found some photos of me with my horse just a couple of years ago when I weighed around 15-16 stone. I remember thinking I was absolutely huge back then, never expecting to hit over 20 stone just a year and a half later!

I am so pleased that as long as I am careful, every pound I lose this time is for good, with my sleeve I will never be able to eat a large pizza and a side of garlic bread in one sitting or gulp down an Indian takeaway made up of 4 different dishes! I’m really excited about reaching a healthy weight in the future and being able to do all of things my weight has prevented me from doing. 
Hayley_gastric sleeve blog_week11.png

Starting weight: 20st 1lb

Current weight: 18st 1lbs

Weight loss this week: 2lb

Total loss to date: 2st*

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