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My gastric sleeve story: Week 12

I have had a difficult week with food this week, I started off on Sunday writing a shopping list and planned my meals but it all went to pot when we had issues at work on Monday I ended up working until 10pm – I was so tired I grabbed a macdonalds veggie Burger on the way home, then on Tuesday I hadn’t made my lunch due to getting home so late so ended up with a gregs pasty, then Tuesday evening we ordered in pizza, I only ate a couple of slices and left the crusts.

I am feeling quite rubbish about my food choices and most of the veg and salad I bought has started to go off and I am due to meet a friend for dinner this week as well. I am going to write this week off and get back on track from the weekend but I just hope it hasn’t affected my weight badly I am absolutely terrified of putting any on!

Hayley_gastric sleeve blog_week12a.png

Starting weight: 20st 1lb

Current weight: 18st 0lbs

Weight loss this week: 1lb

Total loss to date: 2st 1lb*

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