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My gastric sleeve story: Week 13

I have had a really bad week. I went out to a local pub with my friend and her new baby for dinner. I had a side dish for my meal of camembert wedges with a sweet onion dip.

Within an hour of getting home I started to feel really hot and shaky and went straight to bed. I woke up in the middle of the night being violently sick and ended up being really ill for a few days. Sunday was my birthday and I was so weak I could barely open my eyes. We called the doctor out who thought it was gastroenteritis  - it was the worst birthday ever! I can’t say for sure it was caused by my meal out but I have been put off camembert for life either way!

By Monday I felt OK enough to come to work but was so tired I had to leave after an hour. I went home and slept for 15 hours solid and have woken this morning feeling much better. I haven’t eaten anything but a slice of dry toast since Wednesday evening, I have just had lots of Lucozade, tea and water and I feel a bit scared of eating, I have absolutely no appetite at all.

On the plus side I have had a decent weight loss this week taking me down into the 17 stone bracket and only a couple of pounds away from being able to start riding my horse again!

Hayley_gastric sleeve blog_week12.png

Starting weight: 20st 1lb

Current weight: 17st 9lbs

Weight loss this week: 5lbs

Total loss to date: 2st 6lbs*

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