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My gastric sleeve story: Week 2

So I am now two weeks post op and I already feel a small difference in myself, I've worn two tops this week that haven't fit me for a while, I have more energy and the best thing of all is that I am sleeping better, there has definitely been an improvement in my sleep apnoea already! I am still snoring and occasionally pausing breathing but there is no "gasping so hard for air that the panic wakes me up" any more!

I have been back at work for a week now as I was getting so bored sat at home and luckily I only have a desk job. Everybody at work commented at how much slimmer my face looked but I can't see it myself yet. I've been very open with everybody about my surgery, and everybody has been so supportive and pleased for me.

I took my dressings off on Thursday and was shocked to see the wounds have healed so well that I can barely see two of them and the others are fading by the day. They're quite itchy though!

I am really enjoying being off the liquid phase of the diet, I'm not sure how much more soup I could have eaten! As I'm vegetarian I have been eating a lot of soft scrambled eggs and adding cheese to get my protein. The first few times I think I ate a mouthful too much as I found it very uncomfortable for half an hour or so afterwards, but now I've learnt to eat slower and feel the "restriction" kicking in. It works out at about 10 very small mouthfuls or 5 big ones lol but i go for smaller ones so my meal lasts longer and I'm not sat bored waiting for the rest of the family!

I went to a wedding reception last night, I had two cubes of cheese from the cheese and pineapple sticks and half a bottle of J20 but it did get me wondering about when i will be able to drink alcohol again and if it will affect me differently when I do.

Hayley's gastric sleeve blog week 2

Starting weight: 20st 1lb

Current weight: 19st

Weight loss this week: 7lbs

Total loss to date: 1st 1lb*

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