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My gastric sleeve story: Week 20

We went to an adults Butlins weekend last weekend, I have never been before but my friends go every year. It was absolutely mental, we arrived Friday and ended up partying until about 5am! I couldn’t face food the next day but after plenty of sleep I managed another night out the following night and a few hours on the Sunday! In the whole 3 days, my food and drink intake wasn't great but I danced for hours so I was hoping I hadn’t put on any weight. I was over the moon to get back and find I had lost another couple of pounds and had finally hit the 16’s!!

I am now the weight I was when I first started yo-yo dieting and doing Slimming World about 4 years ago and I feel great! I am off to America for Dad's wedding next Tuesday and I feel confident that if I can survive the Butlins weekend I can survive anything! I will be staying away from alcohol though as I have found it very difficult to eat at all the next day after drinking and I would say my hangovers are slightly worse than they used to be!

Hayley's gastric sleeve blog

Starting weight: 20st 1lb

Current weight: 16st 12lbs

Weight loss this week: 2lbs

Total loss to date: 3st 3lb*

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