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My gastric sleeve story: Week 24

I only have a few days before go to Spain, I was hoping to be under 16 stone by then but the trip to America really set me back. I am trying to remind myself that it isn’t a race and that as long as I lose it, it doesn’t matter if it takes me 2 or 3 years but it can be hard when I see other people having better results.

In the Facebook group I am in there are people who have had their op around the time I did and have lost almost double what I have but they have stuck to a high protein diet religiously and don’t drink alcohol. I know that a slower weight loss is the sacrifice I have to make if I still want to be able to drink & socialise as much as I am used to but it still annoys me that I am not meeting the targets I set for myself.

After our holiday in Spain, I don’t have any social plans as yet until September so I have promised myself I will start a proper diet and exercise programme and give myself a weight loss boost. I’ve even been looking into personal trainers but they cost a fortune! I will definitely try and motivate myself first and then if that fails then I will have to hire someone who will be quite tough with me to get me into it.

I have a new office manager at work now who is almost finished training, this will free up a lot of my time in the week to dedicate to getting fit and healthy. I am also desperate to quit smoking but I am terrified of the effect it will have on my weight as last time I gave up I turned to chocolate and sweets! I have a lot of things I need to tackle lifestyle wise, but the weight is the most important one for me right now.

Hayley's gastric sleeve success story week 24

Starting weight: 20st 1lb

Current weight: 16st 9lbs

Weight loss this week: 2lbs

Total loss to date: 3st 6lb*

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