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My gastric sleeve story: Week 32

Annoyed annoyed annoyed! I really thought I would get under the 16 stone bracket this week and was gutted to get on the scales this morning and find I hadn’t lost anything. I even dried my hair and went to the toilet and tried again but nope, I'm exactly the same as last week!

Sometimes I get so frustrated, I can’t possibly do anything more than I'm currently doing exercise and diet wise so why is my weight loss so slow? I watched a programme on TV this week where a guy had a sleeve and lost huge amounts of weight in just a year his results were amazing, I know that’s the extreme end but I really would have hoped to be about 14 stone by now.

My restriction has never been the same as other people describe theirs, even from week one but I work hard to control my portions so I just don’t understand where it’s going wrong compared to others. I even researched converting from a sleeve to a bypass the other day as I am worried this op will not last me a lifetime! Bad week for me, I hope next week is better.

Hayley's gastric sleeve blog week 32

Starting weight: 20st 1lb

Current weight: 16st 1lbs

Weight loss this week: 0lbs

Total loss to date: 4st*

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