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My gastric sleeve story: Week 34

I am writing a double blog this week as I went away. Last week I went to the gym every single day and even went twice on the Tuesday as I knew my adults Butlin’s weekender was coming up and I knew I wouldn’t get any exercise in. I was also very careful with my meals, I had fruit and yoghurt for breakfast and cottage cheese and salad every day 4 days on the trot just changing the flavour of the yoghurt and the cheese each day. 

I was busy catching up with work and stuff Friday morning before we left and forgot to weight myself! I was so annoyed as I was desperate to see if I had made it under 16 stone! We headed off to Minehead Friday afternoon and got stuck in traffic, what should have been a 3.5 hour drive took us 7 hours! I ended up drinking cans of pre-mixed cocktails on the way (I wasn’t driving!!) and after about 5 of them I checked the calories and they had 345 in each! I couldn’t believe it! I’d gone over my calories just in those cans without food or the drink I was going to be having later.

We went out on the Friday night and it was brilliant, we danced for hours and drank bucketfuls and met all kinds of weird and wonderful people! We rolled back to our chalet at about 6am, slept for 6 hours then got up and started drinking again as we all felt rough and hair of the dog was the only option. We ate lunch at a diner and I could only manage a few mushrooms!

On the Saturday night we must have danced for 3 hours solid, the atmosphere and music was so good you couldn’t not dance. I didn’t feel self-conscious, out of place or tired at all it was amazing. We got in about 5am and decided to stay in the Sunday night as we were all so tired. As I had a bad hangover I found myself nibbling on stuff all day, cheese Tuc biscuits, Doritos, chips, half a cheese and onion pasty, but by this point I had given up on trying to count calories!

On Monday I weighed myself when I got home and I was 16 stone exactly! At least I hadn’t done any damage! I couldn’t face the gym on Tuesday, I still felt sluggish but was careful with food and then went back to the gym Wednesday and Thursday.

It felt fantastic to get on the scales this morning and see 15 stone 12lbs!! Feels like it has been a long time coming! One more stone to go and I will be the lightest my husband has ever seen me since we got together! That’s a really strange thought! 

I have noticed my first bit of saggy skin around my lower arms and underneath my buttocks, it isn’t bothering me though I will concentrate on getting into the heathy BMI range and then if I feel like there's a problem I would consider further surgery but only if it was affecting me badly. I think I have been quite lucky so far, probably one benefit of losing it slowly!

Hayley's gastric sleeve blog week 34

Starting weight: 20st 1lb

Current weight: 15st 12lbs

Weight loss this week: 3lbs

Total loss to date: 4st 3lbs*

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