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My gastric sleeve story: Week 36

I am writing a longer blog as I have not been very well. I have been to the hospital for several tests and there are no signs of anything particularly serious, they believe I have colitis but are not yet sure what is causing it, I am having to keep a food diary and take medication to make it easier to go to the toilet and am awaiting the results of an allergy / food intolerance test. They have reassured me they do not think it is in any way related to my gastric sleeve operation.

A plus side of feeling ill is that I have lost weight without trying at all! I’ve been eating quite high carb comfort foods such as pizza and pasta and I’ve been drinking a lot of sugary tea as my energy levels have been low but I’ve still lost weight.

On the downside I have slipped out of my exercise routine as I have just been very weary and tired but I will be going to the gym again tomorrow an easing myself back in.

A few days ago my husband was sorting out a drawer in the kitchen and found a notebook where I had scribbled down my waist measurement in March this year, 3 months after my op. It was 137cm, so we measured my waist now and it is down to 110cm! I couldn’t believe the gap holding the tape around me! I was convinced I had lost weight from everywhere but my tummy but apparently not so! It really cheered me up.

I recommend everybody takes regular measurements as well as using the scales as it is so hard for you to notice the difference yourself. I’m going to make a point of measuring every month now.

My gym instructor once told me to throw out my scales as I have been weight training she said the scales will not reflect my progress as obviously as I will be building heavier muscle but that my shape will change and now I am convinced this is true. I wish I had taken my measurements on the day of my op to compare.

We have booked to return to America at the end of October to see family for a week and after piling on weight last time I went, I would love to lose as much as possible before I go.
I want to enjoy my week there and not feel like I am restricting myself so I figure if I can lose 8-10lbs before I go I won’t mind so much if I put 4 or 5 back on whilst I am there. It will be alcohol that does it but I am not allowed to drink it at the moment so not even sure that will be an option by then.

I have started to lose a bit of hair, I think it is 50% from trying to lighten it with bleach and 50% due to nutrition issues. I have started taking biotin tablets as I have read they are great for weight loss surgery patients and they are supposed to promote healthy hair and nail growth.

Gastric sleeve blog week 36

Starting weight: 20st 1lb

Current weight: 15st 6lbs

Weight loss this week: 6lbs

Total loss to date: 4st 9lbs*

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