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My gastric sleeve story: Week 40

I have had a couple of weeks off work due to medical appointments and being ill but I am feeling so much better now. Initial test results showed I had some issues with gluten intolerance but I have been retested and am awaiting these results as all symptoms have pretty much disappeared now and as the first results were borderline my doctor thinks I shouldn’t need to make any changes to my diet. I am hoping that this is the end of it all now.

As I have been home my diet hasn’t been great, I have found myself constantly picking on things that we have in the house for the kids such as chocolate & biscuits, it also doesn’t help that the weather is turning colder and I don’t fancy the salads I had come to rely on. I am off to America on Friday so when I return a week later I plan on making big batches of vegetable soups and casseroles to freeze for convenience and writing a list of different lunch & breakfast ideas.

Whilst I was ill I fell behind on my exercise routine as well but have been to gym again the last couple of days, I really struggled to do my usual gym routine so it goes to show you can lose fitness as quickly as you build it and I am going to make sure I do not let it slip for so long in future although this time it couldn’t really be helped.

I have been following someone on Facebook called the body coach after watching his programme on TV, he talks about very quick and easy healthy recipes and workouts that you can do at home so I am hoping to go to the gym 3 times a week and try his quick workouts on the evenings I don’t go to the gym.

I threw another load of clothes out this week, all size 20-28, I tried a couple of the tops on that I loved but they looked awful on me! I also bought some leggings from Matalan in a size 16 as they didn’t have 18 in stock and they fit me great! I have also gone from a 42d cup bra to a 38c so I ended up throwing a lot of old grey bras out and treating myself to some new ones which felt great.

I had a tattoo done on my arm years ago of an eagle and I hated it, I have now had it covered up with a large rose, it took 4 hours and cost £200 but I am so pleased with it! Now I have lost weight I am happy to wear sleeveless tops and the tattoo was really getting me down. Losing the weight makes you want to start taking more pride in everything whereas when I was a lot bigger my only concern was my size.

My hair is still in a mess, it’s really thin and wispy and I can’t do much with it but tie it back I’m not sure how long the biotin tablets take to show an effect but im hoping its sooner rather than later, my hair is bothering more than my weight ever has! I’ve been looking so rough lately with being ill but I have been trying to keep up with getting my nails done and going on sunbeds as it makes me feel so much better in general.

I had a call from a nurse at Healthier Weight this week checking up on how I was doing and we had a great chat, really cannot fault the aftercare. It has been 10 months since my op and they still keep in touch and offer helpful advice and support!

Gastric sleeve blog week 40

Starting weight: 20st 1lb

Current weight: 15st 3lbs

Weight loss this week: 3lbs

Total loss to date: 4st 12lbs*

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