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My gastric sleeve story: Week 5

The week started off rather strangely as I was quite concerned about my lack of weight loss over the previous fortnight so I posted in a gastric sleeve Facebook group that I am a member of to ask advice and compare stories. This was probably a big mistake as I was then bombarded with messages from people, and some of them were quite worrying. One member said she was 5 months post op and could only eat 600cals a day (I'm averaging 1000-1200), another said if I could eat more than 5 mouthfuls then my surgery could have been botched and had another tell me there was no way I should be able to eat bread or potatoes at this stage!

I ended up terrified my operation hadn't worked and sent an email to my nurse from Healthier Weight about my fears. She got straight back to me to reassure me that most of what I had been "advised" was nonsense, my calories were fine and that she had no concerns but to help me put my mind at ease she was arranging for me to come in for an x-ray to check on the sleeve. I was amazed to hear this was included in my after-care package as I had fully expected that I would have to pay for it! She said I was doing everything I should be and that it was simply a stall. Funnily enough, when Friday (weigh-in day) arrived I got on the scales to find I had lost 6lbs* that week!! I'm over the moon that its coming off thick and fast again and have learnt that going forward if i have any concerns I will contact my nurse directly as the forums can be helpful but there seems to be a fair bit of worrying advice given out there too. 

I have had some time off work this week and we decided to take the kids swimming, it wasn't until I got changed that I realised my swimming costume was now too big and I ended up holding it up the whole time I was in the pool! As annoying as it was I couldn't help feeling so pleased that I am starting to feel my clothes getting baggier. My husband has been tumble drying my leggings to try and shrink them a bit as I'm not quite ready to buy new clothes just yet! 

I have downloaded an app called "monitor my weight" and was delighted to put my starting weight and current weight in and see that I have already lost 17.7% of my excess weight, my BMI has gone down from 45.8 to 42.3 and I have an average loss of 4.05lbs a week*! So even though I stalled for a couple of weeks, overall I am doing much better than I originally expected! 

Hayley_gastric sleeve blog_week5.png

Starting weight: 20st 1lb

Current weight: 18st 7lbs

Weight loss this week: 6lb

Total loss to date: 1st 8lbs*

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