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My gastric sleeve story: Week 8

I’ve had another busy week work wise and have been doing 11 hour shifts trying to catch up so didn’t get any chance to exercise during the week which annoyed me as I really feel like I need to start to help my weight loss.

I did go out with friends on Saturday night, we went to a pub that we used to go to a lot last year but haven’t been to in a while. The bar staff all commented that I looked like I had lost weight which surprised me as I just don’t see it myself yet but the best boost was when I uploaded a “selfie” onto facebook – So many people that don’t know I’ve had surgery commented that I look really different and my face looked really slim and asked if I had been dieting – I didn’t want to announce it to everyone on my Facebook so I just said I’d been watching what I eat! My brother who thinks he’s hilarious commented that I’ve lost “two of my chins and only have two left now!” LOL!

Another plus was that I found some knee high boots that I’d bought months ago that didn’t zip up and thought I’d try them on – not only do they do up but they have large gaps at the top! I’ve been living in them now as I think they will be too big to wear within a few weeks!

I was contacted by Healthier Weight regarding my X-ray – the surgeon hasn’t looked at the results yet but has invited me up to Birmingham next week so we could look at it together and he can offer me further advice.

My scales broke last week so I’ve treated myself to some new ones, they are supposed to measure all kinds of things such as body fat percentage and water retention but I haven’t quite figured out how to program them yet!

I should have one last busy week at work catching up before the Easter break and then I am going to join a gym with my friend. She only goes to walk on the treadmill for an hour but her results from that have been fab and it will give me social time! 

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Starting weight: 20st 1lb

Current weight: 18st 6lbs

Weight loss this week: 0lb

Total loss to date: 1st 9lbs*

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