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My gastric sleeve story: Week 9

We went away for the Easter break with friends and all the kids to a Haven site in Burnham on Sea. The weather was awful but we had fun swimming and playing arcades and it meant I wasn’t surrounded by the kids Easter eggs which was a bonus! We ate out for every meal and I found my restriction seemed tighter than ever. I think it was due to the fact I was eating things I usually wouldn’t make for myself such as an aubergine bake and vegetable crudités with dip. I only managed 4 or 5 mouthfuls at every meal which I thought was odd at the time. 

Today I went for my meeting with my surgeon, the results of my x-ray were positive, his exact words were that “if there was a gold award for sleeves, mine would win!” which made me smile. It was so good to get the reassurance that all is normal. He also reassured me that the sleeve does not stop working after 12 months which is something else I had read. My biggest regret is spending too much time in the forums listening to other people and comparing myself to them and worrying myself silly. 

My surgeon explained to me that my weight loss was within the expected range and is most likely slower than some other people’s due to the fact I follow a vegetarian diet that consists of a lot of “soft” carbs such as pasta and potato. He advised me to try and increase my intake of denser low calorie foods such as raw vegetables, beans and Quorn products so that I feel fuller sooner and consume less calories at each meal. This definitely explains why I felt I could eat less when I was away. I am stuck in a rut at home of eating the same things, eggs, sandwiches, pasta etc. so he has referred me to a dietician who specialises in a vegetarian diet so that I can get some more food ideas. 

I am still surprised at how much more energy I have just losing 20% off my excess weight. I can walk for ages without getting out of breath and swam for an hour on holiday. I literally struggled to walk to my car from my front door when I was 20 stone plus! I am also sleeping so much better, my apnoea has disappeared completely and it is making a huge difference to my life, I feel fresh in the mornings and find I am always in a good mood. The fact I no longer sleep with a c-pap machine makes the op worthwhile! 

I am now 18 stone 4lb, so am losing an average of 2-2.5lb a week. 

Hayley blog_week 9.jpg

Starting weight: 20st 1lb

Current weight: 18st 4lbs

Weight loss this week: 2lb

Total loss to date: 1st 11lbs*

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