Sleeve Aftercare

The UK's Most Comprehensive Package

The importance of great aftercare is often underestimated when it comes to the gastric sleeve. Most patients enjoy excellent weight loss in the first year or two but some weight regain is quite common after a few years. This can be reduced by adopting the correct dietary and exercise habits in the first couple of years after surgery.

In order to develop the skills needed to get the best long-term benefits from your sleeve, it is important to build healthy new habits and stay in touch with the bariatric support team. We encourage patients to check in regularly for reviews in order to ensure they are on track and to make sure that any potential problems can be identified, and rectified, as early as possible.

Complete Care

  • 5 years aftercare comprehensive​
  • 6 month post op blood test (sleeve, bypass, revision)​
  • A set of WI-FI scales
  • Access to private Facebook support group
  • Lifelong support and advice – patient for life
  • A Healthier Weight Patient Starter Kit
  • 2 years app access

Healthier Weight Starter Kit

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