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Stephanie's Gastric Sleeve Diary

Hi, I'm Steph! 

Over the next few months, we'll be documenting Steph's experience through her gastric sleeve procedure. Following her through the challenges and successes of weight loss surgery. 

We hope you enjoy following Steph on her journey to a healthy and happy future. 

General weight loss news

  • Webready - Blog header - Preop2.jpg Pre-opStephanie talks about her upcoming gastric sleeve surgery 04 October 2017 1:13pm
  • Webready - Blog header - Postop.jpg Post-opIt's the day after surgery and Steph talks about the procedure and post-operative pain 11 October 2017 1:13pm
  • Webready - Blog header - Week1.jpg Week 1Stephanie is one week post-op and she discusses pain, head hunger and dealing with cravings. 18 October 2017 1:13pm
  • Week5_Header.jpg Week 5Dropping dress sizes and learning new eating habits 25 October 2017 1:13pm
  • Week6.jpg Week 6After a tough week and a weight loss plateau, Steph puts things into perspective 25 October 2017 1:13pm
  • Steph - Week 10.jpg Stephanie's Gastric Sleeve journey - Week 10Steph finally gets through the weight loss stall and loses another 10lbs 25 October 2017 1:13pm


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