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Stephanie's Gastric Band Diary - Month 5

Video Transcription

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Steph gets over her weight loss plateau and kicks away another 10lbs!

Hi guys, thought I'd give you another update. I'm now nearly 5 months post-op and I've lost just under 5 stone in weight. I've gone from squeezing into a size 24, so you could call it more of a 26, and I'm now into between a 16 and an 18. So I feel really really better, a lot better. My clothes fit a lot better some of them are massive on me now and I've had to bin them. 

What have I been eating? I've been eating a lot of high-protein foods; a lot of chicken, a lot of fish, vegetables. I've been drinking a lot of water. I don't drink soda or anything like that. I stay away from juice as well. I'll drink sugar free water - the flavoured one. I drink a lot of that, about two litres a day. So, I'll concentrate on that a lot. I am doing more walking now. I'm finding because now I've lost the weight, I can get around a lot better without it hurting my back and my hips and my knees and stuff. 

The only downsides that I'm experiencing at the minute is hair loss. Even though I look like I've got a lot of hair, it's gone quite thin now. I used to have really really thick hair. So, I have been taking Biotin to help with the new hair growth. I do lose quite a lot so I would say be prepared for that during your weight loss. Another downside is stalls, but everybody goes through stalls. When I talk about stalls I mean your weight plateauing. The last stall that I had lasted about five weeks. So that was really really hard. I'm not going to lie, I haven't been perfect. We’ve got Christmas out of the way. My Christmas dinner was the size of the palm of my hand. I didn't eat all that either, but it was nice I enjoyed what I had. I did have some Christmas pudding, that was nice. I did eat chocolate as well. So, I think looking back that would have all contributed towards my weight stalling as well. I'm pleased to say I'm through that part now. I have been focusing like I said on high protein low carb and lots of water. When I broke my stall, I broke it with dramatic effects. I dropped seven stone -- uh seven stone I wish I dropped seven stone! -- I dropped seven pounds that week. I did really really well and it's coming off now about two pounds a week so I'm expecting another stall because my diet, I thought that when I had the surgery my weight loss will just go and I'd be at target before I knew it and it's not that at all. A lot of people going to it and go "I'm going to lose every week and it's gonna be really easy" It's not he's really hard work. 

My weight loss, I track it on an app on my phone and my weight loss kind of like goes like this on the graphics it's like up and down but it is coming down so I'm quite happy about that. Health-wise I do have asthma but my asthma has been so much better. I've not -- It's usually winter time I suffer with my asthma a lot. The last time, the worse it was, I ended up in critical care and I was there for two weeks and then I was out for a week and went back in, back into high dependency. That was when I was at my heaviest and my asthma really played up. I'm so happy this year my asthma has not played up at all. I don't feel tightness on my chest or anything like that. I'm quite happy about that. Everything needs is turning into a positive. Like I said with my hair, used to take me an hour and a half to dry I can do it in 15 minutes now. It's not a problem. Which is again it's on the, on the on the positive side as well. I've noticed I'm getting me collarbones. My collarbones are coming up. I was like "Oh look I've not seen those in years!" So I'm like really really happy I can start seeing them as well. On my cheekbones -- my cheekbones are getting more and more prominent which is, which is a good thing as well. So yeah everything's going really positive at the minute. Like I said I have had ups and downs but keep a positive outlook and you will get there. I'll update you again soon on how I got on. All right you take care Bye!

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