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Stepahnie's Gastric Band Diary - Post-op

Video Transcription

We've included a transcript below to help:

It's the day after surgery and Stephanie is feeling really positive with very little post-operative pain. 

Hi guys. Well I've had my operation. It went really well! I had it yesterday took about an hour and a half I think. Came round, they took me to high dependency unit for a bit. I've got a drain in and I've got five incisions in total. I had a little bit of discomfort yesterday but they soon got on top of that with pain and I'm being completely honest, I've had no pain since. They say that you can get gas pain, but not had any of that. I've been up today and been walking which has done me good. They tell you to walk and that helps with the pain and stuff. So yeah, it's just been really really good. I'm so pleased. I'm so pleased that I've done it. I'm over the moon, I feel really good. I've been tired which is normal. I've been like dozing through the afternoon and stuff, but on the whole, the whole experience has been brilliant and the staff have been so good. I know I've just got to take it easy. Small steps. But I'm hoping that this is the start - Well I know, I'm not hoping. I know this is a start of something good. Fingers crossed. Thanks guys, bye. 

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