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Stephanie's Gastric Band Diary - Week 10

Video Transcription

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Steph gets over her weight loss plateau and kicks away another 10lbs!

Hi guys. So, I thought I'd give you a bit of an update. It's been about four weeks since my last video. I'm doing really well. I've finally come out of my stall. I think I was in my stall for about two and a half weeks or something that. Gets really frustrating. It's definitely a mental battle. The losing weight parts easy, it's the mental battle that gets you. 

I made a few changes in my diet. In the mornings, I will have a green smoothie. I put in it half an avocado, some spinach leaves, about five or six frozen blackberries, about four or five cherries and some water. Just to make it into like a smoothie texture. I blitz it together in my Nutribullet and I have that from a breakfast, purely because I'm on the go all the time with work and stuff like that, so it's easier for me to literally grab it and carry on with my day. I'm also drinking like milky coffees and I'm adding Marvel milk powder to my milky coffee as well to bring my protein up. So, I'm doing quite well with that as well. 

Since my last update I've lost ten pounds. So, I am doing quite well. I didn't ever think that it'd shift. It finally has and I'm down quite a bit. I started introducing a bit more exercise as well. I'm working my way up to 10,000 steps. I know that doesn't sound a lot, but when you work 40 hours and you have a desk job, it is quite a lot. I'm hoping to drop another stone before I start getting the courage to go swimming. I know those that have been overweight have confidence, well I did I can't speak about everybody else, but I had this low confidence where I wouldn't go out and I'd kind of close myself off from social situations just because I felt uncomfortable with my body. I'm getting to the point now where I want to get back into it and I want to start changing different things. So, I am seeing the weight come off. I'm now down three stone and I think he's eight or nine pounds. I'm getting there. Getting closer towards that four-stone bracket. I don't know if I mentioned it in my previous videos, but I've gone from squeezing in a size 24, to a size 18. This tops an 18 and it's getting a bit baggy on me, so I'm pleased with that. It's coming up to ten weeks since my gastric sleeve. 

 I'm making small positive changes. Healthier Weight kindly put me in contact with a dietitian the other day and we spoke about different areas where I could make a change to help me lose weight again. Things that I didn't really think about. I was having things like chicken with like crumbled black pudding and mushrooms and cheese on top and I thought that that was okay. When I spoke to the dietitian through Healthier Weight the other day, she made me realize that some of the choices that I was making weren’t necessarily the best choices. Yeah I can still have my treats, but I was told to concentrate more on half of my plate. Vegetables or salads, and stuff like that and then my protein on the other side. Concentrate more on the food rather than the slider stuff that'll go down. So your melted cheeses is in your stuff like that. So, if you're in a stall, and you are having a lot of cheese and stuff have a look at that. 

What else am I looking at? I'm still drinking about a litre and a half of water a day. Some days are a struggle some other days are ok. What else have I changed? I think that's it really. I'm starting to like myself in pictures a bit more. I found a picture of myself the other day from just before I started to lose weight and it was a shock. I looked completely different. I look about 60 years older than I do now! I'm enjoying my weight loss journey. I'm pleased with that. So yeah, that's my update up to now guys. I'm keeping plodding on. But like I said if you've got any problems or anything like that, or you're struggling definitely speak to Healthier Weight because they can put you in touch with the right people if you are struggling. For me it's been a positive journey. I can't fault it at all. I will keep you updated shortly. Ok, take care. Bye bye!

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