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Stepahnie's Gastric Band Diary - Week 5

Video Transcription

We've included a transcript below to help:

It's week 5 for Steph and she's 3 dress sizes down! She's discovering new eating habits and learning how to overcome obstacles.  
Three dress sizes, so I'm really happy about that. When I first started my losing weight before my op, I was squeezing into a size 24. I'm now in an 18 so I'm happy about that. I never thought that I'd ever see this size again. In fact, I don’t remember the last time I was a size 18! I've noticed that my taste buds have changed. Before my op, I couldn't stand salmon, I didn't like avocado and stuff like that and now I absolutely love them. The other night I had a salmon filet with avocado on the side and some sweet potato and it was amazing. It was so nice! So I've noticed that my taste buds have changed. I've also noticed things that I used to like before, that my stomach now doesn't like. 

I've not been perfect, I'm going to be completely honest with you. Everybody's human. I had tried a king prawn and a little bit of pork off my daughter's Chinese takeaway and it made me so sick. Because of that I aggravated my staple line. I had to go back to week one liquids for a few days, just to calm my staple line down. So I didn't do myself any favours. I learned a lot from it. I admit, I won't be doing that again. It's not nice when you've only got a tiny stomach and then you eat something so wrong and you throw up and it makes you poorly. My advice to anyone that would be missing normal food and is still in the liquid stage or the soft stage would be just stick with it. It's so not worth aggravating it. Don't go through what I did. I got myself really dehydrated even fainted once. I phoned my bariatric nurse and she gave me loads of advice and followed that and I got myself back on my feet finally. So I was quite happy with that. Healthier weight have been amazing, the nurses have been second to none. I can phone them any time of the day, all night and get advice if I needed it. Believe me, I've rung them at silly silly hours of the day asking questions. But moving on from that, I learned my lesson and I'm certainly not going to do that again. 

I'm back on plan which is really really good. I'm hoping to start swimming next week. I used to swim a lot before I put the weight on. I used to go about four or five times a day and I'd swim mile at a time and I know that swimming is one of the best exercises for you, so I'm gonna start doing that next week. Like I said I hit a stall. That's when the weight just plateaued. It was there for about a week and a half and I was getting really frustrated so I had a word with myself because I was I was getting a bit obsessed in weighing myself, so I hid my scales and then left it a week and weighed again, and I was still the same. I've just weighed myself this morning which is three days after that and I'm pleased to say that I finally broke that stall and I've lost three pounds. So that's good. It can get frustrating. I know a lot of people who have had this procedure and they're obsessed with the scales. I noticed when I was in the stage of where my weight was sticking, I was losing inches. I've got quite a few people who's noticed, that I've started to lose weight I'm starting to get a bit of a waist again and I've noticed a lot on my thighs and stuff as well. People can say that they can see here so I'm hoping you can see from my last video. I've noticed my cheekbones are starting to come back, which is amazing. So yeah it's, I'm feeling really good. I am feeling excellent. I’ve got to start focusing on my vitamins because I'm noticing because I'm really busy through the week, I'm forgetting to take my vitamins so I need to keep that in mind. I've bought myself one of those pill boxes, that like old people have and I've put all my vitamins in those and I put them in my bag so I'm going to start taking them with me in my bag. So that's what I'm going to focus on. I'm drinking around about a litre to a litre and a half of fluids a day which is good. It's keeping me regular. I've noticed before I was struggling with my water and I was getting a bit constipated, but now I'm finally through that which is which is good. I'm starting to be regular again. So all in all, yeah I'm feeling really good. I will post again in a few weeks time. I hope you're enjoying following me. I hope that I'm answering some of your questions that you may have.

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