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Stepahnie's Gastric Band Diary - Week 6

Video Transcription

We've included a transcript below to help:

After a tough week and a weight loss plateau, Steph puts things into perspective.

Two pounds I put on this morning. I'd lost that two pounds of plus another two. So, I've only lost two pounds in the last like two/three weeks. I know the reason for it. The reason for it is I haven't been drinking anywhere near enough. I might get through the day on about two or three cups of tea a day. I was also eating all the wrong things. I brought treats in for my team at work on Monday and I didn't stop myself. I had lots of them. I had like muffins and cakes and stuff which is completely the wrong choices for me. I took some time out for myself yesterday. I spoke to a couple of friends and they kind of put me back on track. For the past two days I have been a bit more firmer with myself. I've been drinking a litre and a half of water before I eat breakfast in the morning to make sure that I'm getting the water inside me. Like I said, my weight moved up yesterday - I put two pounds on. But with me drinking that water, I'm lucky that it's come off today and a little bit more as well. I know I need to drink more and do more for myself as well. Stop eating the wrong things. Today I've eaten a poached egg, I've had some beans, I've had a rasher of bacon as well. For my lunch, I had a tin of Weight Watchers soup and for my tea I've got some salmon, which I cook in the oven with a bit of lime on and I have that with broccoli. Getting myself back on track now. I know it's not easy. 

I always said to myself that when I started making these vlogs that I would be 100% honest and I have struggled. I have struggled big time. But hopefully I'm back on track now. We wouldn't be human if we didn't struggle let's face it. At the minute, I am just under three stone down in eight, nine, ten weeks total so I'm doing well. I think I'm expecting miracles. I know that it didn't go on overnight, so I know it's not going to come off overnight. I think I've been too hard on myself and then falling back to old habits. "Oh well I'm just going to eat that, that's going to be fine" and I know that, that's not the best choices for me. I am focused from yesterday and today. I've done really well, I'm quite proud of myself. I’ve got through my litre and a half of water at about 12p.m. today and I've had two cups of tea as well. I know I need to drink more because if I'm not drinking then I'm not flushing everything through. I feel better for myself the past couple of days I've been drinking more as well.I didn't even see any an ounce come off and I was getting really frustrated and then I thought “well it's just not working” and then I'd eat all the wrong things. Well I know it is working because look how much I lost in so many weeks. I need to get my head back in the game. I am focused now. I'm back on it. I'm determined that I'm going to see that next stone. 

I've started upping my exercise as well. I'm walking around four or five miles a day, which I feel better for. All my jeans are too big. I brought a pair of jeggings that I'd never thought I'd get in, that actually fit me now. I'm really pleased with that. It’s just a case of me being focused. I'm not going to lie to you and say it's been plain sailing because it hasn't, but I am determined that this weight is going to come off you are going to be seeing a lot less of me. I started non-scale victory. This sounds really silly but I started focussing focusing on non-scale victories as well because you do get obsessed with the scales. The scales aren't your friend. I got in the bath last week and cried, and the reason I cried was because my bottom didn't touch the sides anymore. It sounds really stupid, but that was a massive thing for me because I’d always avoid the bath because my bum hit the side and now it doesn't. Look out for those non-scale victories as well. People are noticing more as well. "Oh, you look really good, how much have you lost now?" and stuff. Keep yourself focused and don't obsess over the scales. I need to stop obsessing over the scales and start thinking about me again. I will post again.

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