Gastric sleeve warranty

Peace of mind

It’s a reassuring thought that fewer than 1% of Healthier Weight sleeve patients will need to use their surgical warranty. For those few who do however it provides valuable protection against unexpected costs, and for all patients, it offers peace of mind. We view warranty protection as so important we include it as standard in our sleeve package. 

The warranty protects you from additional costs in the event you experience a complication prior to being discharged from hospital after your sleeve procedure.

The complications that are most likely to occur before your scheduled discharge are a bleed or a leak from staple lines. These will be recognised through your observations and will require diagnostic tests, scans/x rays, to confirm the diagnosis. You would then return to theatre to remedial surgery.

Importantly, our package includes a 2-night stay in hospital. This means we get 48 hours to observe you before you are discharged. It means that if there is a complication or suspected complication, we can deal with it before you go home. This is safer for you and increases our chances of treating a problem without a need for a long stay in hospital.  

The warranty serves to meet additional hospital and surgical costs up to the value of the fee you paid for your Gastric sleeve. So, if you experienced a complication that required a return to theatre, for example, to locate and close a leak, we would meet those additional costs up to the fee you paid. 


  1. Were the additional costs £5,000 and you paid £9,490, we would meet the full £5,000 additional costs.
  2. Were the additional costs £12,000 and you paid £9,490, we would meet £9,490 of the additional costs.

If you experience a complication with your sleeve after you have been discharged it is likely to require investigation and treatment in the NHS. We will normally recommend you attend the NHS hospital where your operating surgeon has their NHS practice so they can manage your treatment in that setting. 

This is the preferred method of treatment because the vast majority of private hospitals do not have Emergency departments or do not accept ‘acute’ admissions. 

The most common complications post-discharge are leakage from staple lines of stricture (obstruction) of the stomach. These complications, while rare, require urgent treatment and the intensive multidisciplinary support that can only be achieved in an NHS Hospital. Another consideration is that the specialist nursing skills required to treat a sleeve complication effectively are not usually present in private hospitals.   


There are occasions when patients experience complications that the operating surgeon considers will be better treated in the nearest NHS bariatric unit. This decision will be taken on the grounds of patient safety and will rest with the operating surgeon and, where applicable, Healthier Weight’s Medical Director. The decision will rest with them alone.

In these circumstances the operating surgeon will arrange for your transfer to the appropriate NHS facility.

In circumstances where you experience a complication after your discharge from hospital, we will always direct you to the nearest NHS hospital with a bariatric (weight loss surgery) team. In most cases, your operating surgeon will be a member of that NHS team. This is the only way it is possible to be certain that the necessary physical and human resources needed to treat your complication are available 24/7.

In these situations you will be treated in the NHS facility until you are ready to be discharged home.

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