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Get Started & Be In With A Chance Of Winning

If you had surgery with us in September 2021, then you’re entitled to at least one year free on our app. Download our app from the app store and read the benefits now!

The Newcomer

The Newcomer Award is open to anyone who has had surgery from September 2021 to July 2022. 

We will see who has used their app almost daily since their surgery, and whoever engages most throughout the day will win the award!

The Healthier Chef

The Healthier Chef Award will go to the person who uses the most recipes on our app.

To access the recipes on our app, go to the “On-Demand” section to see “recipes and meal plans”. 

To give yourself an even better chance at winning, you can submit the recipes you’ve cooked to our Instagram DM’s @HealthierWeight.

The Most Active

The Most Active Award will go to who makes the most of all the features on our app. 

We will combine the classes you take part in, recipes used, steps logged and daily usage to see who is the most active patient on the app. Did you know that patients who use the app lose an additional 12% more weight than those who don’t.

Most Weight Lost

The Most Weight Lost award will go to the person who has logged the biggest weight loss. 

You can track your weight loss progress by going into the “Weight Loss Tracker” area on the home page. We will use this data to see who has lost the most weight since September 2022.

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