Is weight loss surgery right for me?

Take our “Is weight loss surgery right for me” questionnaire to find out if weight loss surgery is something we would recommend to you.

Answer the following questions to find out if weight loss surgery is right for you

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I cannot do the things I used to do because of my weight
I would be more active if I were thinner
I have significant health problems because of my weight
I have seriously tried dieting for more than one month at least five times
I have lost more than 50 pounds and gained it back
I believe my parents or grandparents died prematurely partly because of their weight
I can name three things I cannot do because of my weight
I would be happier if I were thinner
I feel that I would be more valuable to my immediate family if I were thinner
(answer if in a relationship) If I were thinner my partner would love me more than they do now
(answer if not in a relationship) If I were thinner it would be easier to find someone interested in me
I have successfully handled life-altering changes in my life without getting depressed
I do not have diabetes type-II, high blood pressure or heart disease
I do not have trouble sleeping
I do not have chronic joint disease or pain
I do not have sleep apnea, GERD or high cholesterol
I eat breakfast most days
If there were no mirrors in society and no one cared how I looked, I would be happy with the way I am right now
There are activates I avoid because of my appearance
I have some eating problems that I don't think most people have such as: bulimia and/or bingeing on more than 3,000 calories at one time, several times a month.
I have been told or wondered if I have an obsessive-compulsive personality
I have some obsessive-compulsive indictors such as
  • Alcohol abuse 
  • Child abuse (where I am the perpetrator)
  • Drug addiction (including prescription drugs)
  • Excessive cleaning 
  • Flashes of rage
  • Hoarding of food or junk
  • Picking at skin to excess 
  • excessive viewing of pornography
  • promiscuity 
  • pulling out hair so I have bald spots 
  • Shopaholism 
  • Shoplifing 
  • Workaholism
I have been overweight since childhood
(For women only) I was unable to lose my pregnancy weight within the first year of childbirth
(For men only) I seemed to gain most of my weight before the age of 30
(For teens only) I don't believe I eat too much as compared with out teens I know

is weight loss surgery right for me?

More about the different weight loss procedures available

The gastric band is the safest weight loss procedure, and for many it’s also the best. With a track record stretching back 25 years, it’s proven to be safe and effective. A small, hollow silicone band is placed around part of the stomach which can be tightened or loosened as required to maximise weight loss. Our team has done over 20,000 band procedures and it’s an option everyone contemplating bariatric surgery should consider.

Find out more about the gastric band here

The gastric bypass is a long established weight loss procedure. Over 30 years it has proven to be safe and effective, delivering both excellent weight loss outcomes and significant health benefits. The bypass works in two ways. Firstly, by reducing the size of the stomach and so restricting the amount of food that can be eaten. We usually reduce the stomach’s capacity by as much as 90-95%. On this page we give a technical breakdown of how the procedure is done.

Find out more about the gastric bypass here

The gastric sleeve (laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy) is the world’s fastest growing weight loss procedure. It has grown rapidly in popularity in recent years and now accounts for more procedures in the NHS than the gastric band or gastric bypass. The gastric sleeve is a simple concept. We access the abdomen laparoscopically (keyhole surgery) and cut the stomach along its length and remove about 80%.

Find out more about the gastric sleeve here

The ESG is an exciting development in obesity treatment that offers people a safe and effective alternative to the established weight loss options. The ESG involves suturing the stomach from the inside to significantly reduce its capacity by up to 80%. After the procedure, the stomach remains intact but has been sutured from top to bottom to leave a smaller banana shaped stomach through which the food you eat passes.

Find out more about the ESG here

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