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Katie's gastric band story

Katie lost 7 stones with a gastric band

Procedure of choice        Gastric band

Starting weight                 20 st 5 lbs

Current weight                 13 st 2 lbs

Total weight loss              7 st 3 lbs

Trigger for weight loss     To get a happier and healthier lifestyle

In April 2016 I changed my life around and decided to have a Gastric band. Growing up, I had always been overweight and going through school being bullied for being 'fat' in my teens never use to get to me. The older I got, the bigger I got. I worked in our local pub and would always be picking at the food drinking fizzy pop. I had tried every diet going, fitness classes and boot camps, but nothing would get rid of the 20 stone I was carrying around.


It was when I started a new job with the prison service that I realised how big I had gotten. When it came to ordering a uniform, I had to have men’s trousers! I started using the work gym and going out running with a colleague. I was getting fitter but the weight still wasn't coming off and I was slowly giving up, so I started to look into gastric surgery. One morning I sat my mum down and told her I wanted to go for a consultation in London. Once speaking to the Team at Healthier Weight, I knew it was the best thing for me and would change my life for the better.

Before my op I had to lose 9lbs. I found that very hard and had to change my date twice because I couldn't shift the 9lbs. Once I had, my date was booked. I went ahead with my gastric band surgery in 2016 and since that day I’ve never looked back. I never had a goal weight, just when I feel happy with myself. So far I have lost 7st 3lbs and couldn't be happier! I still want to lose another 2 stone and then I will start looking into a tummy tuck to finish off my new body, and then I will finally feel great about myself. I have been very lucky that I have never put on any weight on my journey. Every time I have been to see the nurses for a fill, it has always been a loss. 

The day of my surgery was the scariest time for me, and the biggest decision I have ever made. At 22 years old, in the back of my mind I was worried if I was too young, but my mum was by my side the whole day. The nurses and surgeons at the hospital were amazing! I'm scared of needles and my mum wasn't able to hold my hand when they put the anaesthetic in. I did feel relaxed though, because the nurses were so nice, holding my hand. Knowing there is 24 hour support if you need it really helps too!

Having this surgery has been the best decision I have ever made. My 7 stone loss has made me a better person. I look forward to losing more weight and getting fitter and progressing in my job role. Thankfully my family and friends have really supported me, but most of all I couldn't of done it without the team at Healthier Weight. 

Anyone contemplating having any weight loss surgery I would highly recommend Healthier Weight as they have changed my life for good and I will never look back!

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