Lose 70% of excess weight with the Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery is a permanent procedure to reduce the size of your stomach, limiting the amount you can eat before feeling full.

The Gastric Sleeve

The gastric sleeve is now the UK’s most popular weight loss surgery procedure. At Healthier Weight, we change hundreds of lives every year with gastric sleeve surgery. 

The Gastric Sleeve

The gastric sleeve is now the UK’s most popular weight loss surgery procedure. At Healthier Weight, we change hundreds of lives every year with gastric sleeve surgery. 

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How Does It Work?

The gastric sleeve (laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy) is the world’s fastest growing weight loss procedure. Take a look at the short video below to get a brief overview of the sleeve, how it works and how much weight you can expect to lose.

How Much Does it Cost?

The price of gastric sleeve surgery varies depending on a number of factors such as location and BMI. Click the button below to get a personalised quote

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We are proud to be the only weight loss surgery provider in the UK to offer our very own app as part of your surgery package. The app is packed with features to make your weight loss journey easier, more fun and more interactive.

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Whether you’re eligible for a gastric sleeve will depend on a number of factors including your age, weight and medical history. At your free consultation we can confirm your eligibility for surgery and answer any questions but as a guide you’re likely to be eligible if… 

  • Your Body Mass Index (BMI) is 35kg/m2 or over. Check yours
  • You have exhausted other methods to manage your weight
  • You don’t feel you could comply with the dietary changes needed for gastric band success

Bypass, Band or Sleeve? If you’re unsure which is best for you, view our procedure guide

You may be eligible at a lower BMI if you are diabetic and/or you are of Asian ethnicity

Your gastric sleeve fee will vary according to a number of factors, including your weight/BMI, any weight related health issues you have and your length of stay in hospital. We’ll be able to confirm a price when we speak to you or when you request a written quote.

In order to make this procedure more accessible to the people who need it we offer two payment plans: A financial plan under which you can borrow the full sum (less a deposit) over a period of up to 4 years. This would be a personal loan. For this plan we introduce you to a lender and you would make an application directly to them. Interest would be payable on any sum that you borrow.

If you want to borrow less than the full surgery fee or if you are ineligible for a loan, we allow you to defer up to £2000 of your surgery fee and repay it in 12 equal monthly instalments from the months, starting in the month immediately following your surgery. In order to be eligible for this payment plan you need to be living in the UK and in employment.

Call or complete an enquiry form to lean more. However you choose to pay, your package will include: 

  • Lifetime sleeve support package
  • Surgical warranty
  • Free pre-operative consultation
  • Inclusive hospital and Healthier Weight pre-assessment
  • Specialist sleeve surgeon and hospital with high dependency facility

Long term success requires long term support from a team of weight loss professionals but as many providers make similar claims, there is often no way to assess the quality of care you’ll receive until it’s too late. Why it pays to choose a Healthier Weight gastric sleeve…

  • An integrated team of weight loss specialists to support you long term, e.g. surgeons, nurses, dietitians and psychologists
  • Sleeve aftercare package including a surgical warranty
  • Patient case studies you can review to give you confidence – in the sleeve and in Healthier Weight
  • Trust pilot reviews – the only UK provider to do this
  • Surgical pre-assessment by a multi disciplinary team
  • Specialist surgeons
  • Hospitals with high dependency facilities (level 2 hospitals)
  • Nearly ten years experience with sleeve patients
  • Flexible payment options

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People who’ve never had a weight problem don’t understand the effort involved in losing weight – and keeping it off. At Healthier Weight we know that knowing what to do doesn’t mean it’s easy to do it. We help people who’ve been struggling for years to take back control and achieve a healthier weight.*

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We did our first sleeve procedure in 2009 so we are one of the most experienced sleeve practices in the UK. When we do a sleeve we remove about 85% of the stomach to leave a thin banana shaped stomach. In addition to reducing the amount the stomach will hold, more importantly it changes the balance of hormones and bacteria in the gut, and for most people this leads to an immediate reduction in appetite and change in taste.

Most people will lose about 70% of their excess weight and most of that weight loss will come in the first year. As we are cutting the stomach and removing part of it, this is a higher risk procedure than a gastric band, and it sits alongside the gastric bypass in terms of its invasiveness.

The gastric sleeve is a powerful and ever more popular procedure. Its critical however that people understand the risks before they proceed. Also, an understanding that great aftercare and a commitment to making long term changes are the keys to keeping the weight off for the long term.

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