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Carla Rogers

Carla originally joined Healthier Weight in 2010 having qualified in 1999 at Edgehill University gaining a Diploma in Higher Education in Adult Nursing. Carla left Healthier Weight in 2012 but re-joined the company in 2017.

Carla has worked in a variety of settings including gynaecology, orthopaedics and the A&E department in Saudi Arabia. 



Why nursing?

Followed my Grandmothers footsteps really and after helping my mentally impaired cousin through an epileptic fit when I was very young I realised I kept calm in an emergency. I’ve always been caring and patient so it seemed the right path really. Plus I liked the uniform-hat and cape which had just got taken out of circulation the year I started my training…..BOO HOO!


Your top weight loss tip

The journey is going to be tough at times but don’t lose sight of your dreams and goals.


Locations covered


Your favourite hot drink

Tea-I’ll drink it black, made with milk, with sugar, no sugar, green tea, earl grey…anything, as long as its hot. Favourite….Builders strong tea…..Put the kettle on then!!!

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