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Maxine Rooney


Maxine joined Healthier Weight in 2016 having qualified in 2006 at University of Huddersfield gaining a Diploma in Higher Education in Nursing Studies.

Maxine has worked in a variety of specialities and has extensive experience within the post anaesthetic area. Maxine has been specialising as a bariatric nurse within the NHS and private sectors since 2011.



Why nursing?

I spent some time in hospital myself and the staff were so lovely that I felt that it was my dream job.


Your top weight loss tip

Have realistic expectations. Weight loss isn’t easy even with surgery.


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A bit more about Maxine

I have struggled with my own weight all my life (I still have a couple of stones that I’m working on losing) so I know how difficult it is to lose weight and to keep it off. For some weight loss isn’t easy regardless of surgery. It’s not as simple as not eating if you’re not hungry. We don’t always eat because we are hungry! There’s much more to it! I feel that this is one thing that I hear in clinics all the time. The surgery won’t STOP the desire to eat high calorie foods.

Patients ask when they will start losing more weight, they want to lose weight quickly and don’t realise that it’s a slow process. Patients are frustrated at having to still choose healthy foods and live a healthy lifestyle. As long as they stick with it and follow all the guidance provided, the weight loss will be maintained for life. I stress to all our patients that their quality of life will be improved with steady, sustainable weight loss as well as the massive reduction in obesity related health problems.

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