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Britain's children among worst in European obesity league

Children in Britain are among the most obese in Europe, a new 27-country table shows.

The figures have been compiled by the International Association for the Study of Obesity (IASO) from government and scientific studies.

The heaviest girls are in Portugal, where 34.3 per cent are overweight, followed by Scotland (nearly 33 per cent) in second place and England (29.3 per cent) in fourth place.

Among boys, Scotland is in second place (nearly 35 per cent) and England in sixth (29 per cent).

Doctors have been witnessing a rise in the number of children needing treatment for obesity, with some undergoing gastric banding surgery in order to achieve significant weight loss, the Daily Mail reports.

Dr Steve Ryan, medical director of Alder Hey children's hospital in Liverpool, revealed: "There are more and more of these children and significant numbers are obese from two or three years old.

"When I was a paediatrician starting out in 1991, there were very few children overweight but that has changed and we are starting to see complications resulting from this. It is here and we are having to deal with it."
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