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Obesity drug clinical trial begins

Clinical trials have commenced for a new drug designed to treat obesity, it has been revealed.

Biopharmaceutical firm Thiakis has confirmed that clinical trials for the novel drug TKS1225 have begun.

The drug, which was developed at Imperial College London, tricks patients into feeling full by mimicking a gut hormone that controls hunger and satiety.

Initially, the trial will focus on whether the drug is safe in humans before researchers move on to determine its effects on appetite and food intake.

It is hoped that the drug will improve glucose tolerance, which is often impaired in obese people, and lead to a significant reduction in body weight.

Dr John Burt, chief executive officer of Thiakis, said that he was "delighted" to announce the start of the trial.

"This programme has demonstrated the rapid progress from initial discovery to the start of human dosing that can be achieved by a focused biotech company. TKS1225 has the potential to provide a major new treatment option for obesity," he claimed.
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