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Vegan diet 'good for weight and overall health'

People who eat a vegan diet are increasing their chances of good health and those who eat a balanced diet are less likely to suffer from obesity, according to a spokeswoman for the Vegan Society.

Amanda Baker, the society's media relations officer, revealed that many people decide to switch to a vegan diet because of the health benefits.

She revealed: "Generally, vegans have significantly lower cholesterol and a lower overall body mass index (BMI).

"Obviously you could have a junk food vegan diet if you wanted to, but even so, vegans do better in terms of their weight control and their cholesterol levels as well."

The expert noted that vegan-friendly food tends to be low in saturated fat, meaning that it is good for heart health.

"Because most saturated fat in the traditional British diet comes from foods derived from animals, there are very few sources of saturated fat in a vegan diet, so that helps with the cholesterol levels and heart health," she explained.

However, Ms Baker stressed the importance of eating a varied diet and noted that particular care should be taken to ensure an adequate intake of vitamin B12, vitamin D, selenium and iodine.
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