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Nia's Gastric Sleeve Story

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Procedure of choice        Gastric sleeve

Starting weight                 22 st 0 lbs

Current weight                 15 st 6 lbs

Total weight loss              7 st 0 lbs

Trigger for weight loss     To have children

In 2015 I decided to change my life. I had always been overweight, I remember being bullied as a child for being ‘fat’ I’ve done every diet and I just never seemed to be able to loose weight. I decided I wanted to have a family. May 2015 I suffered my 5th unexplained miscarriage, I was told that my weight was holding me back from having the baby I really longed for. I was also very aware that my weight was creeping up and up. I knew if I didn’t do something I would never be happy, and I’d never be a mummy.



I went ahead with the gastric sleeve surgery in 2015 and I’ve never ever looked back. My goal was to loose 11 stone so that I could have children. April 2016 I had lost 6 stone and found out I was pregnant, it was a massive but amazing shock. During my pregnancy I put on 11lbs and gave birth to my rainbow baby in December. I am back to my pre pregnancy weight and working on shifting the rest of my weight.

Having the surgery was the best decision I have ever made, so far I’ve lost 7 Stone, I’m still working towards my goal but being a mummy to a beautiful little girl was the biggest gift I could have asked for.

On the day of my surgery I was so scared about having the anaesthetic l, my partner came with me and I was scared I would wake up again. I did and my life is so much better and happier than I would I could ever imagine. 

At first some of my family including my mum did not agree with my decision. The amount of times I was told by family I was taking the easy way out. It’s not, I have had to work really hard to be where I am and am still on the weight loss journey. The support I got from healthier weight made up for the negativity I was getting from my family. They listened to me, they supported me and I’m so glad I decided to take the steps to change my life with them.          

Anyone contemplating having weight loss surgery I would highly recommend healthier weight. They helped change my life and I have been blessed with my beautiful rainbow baby. 

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